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I-20 Update

I-20 Update

Updates must be reported to the Department of Homeland Security through SEVIS and must be changed on your I-20. Notify ISS of the following changes and request an updated I-20. Keep every I-20 for your permanent record, even after you graduate. Do not discard the old ones, even from previous schools. ISS files are archived and destroyed after several years, so it is your responsibility to keep your I-20s in case you need them to apply for future immigration benefits.

When you need to update your I-20:

  • Program Extension

    If you are unable to complete your course of study before the completion date noted in item 5 on your I-20, you must request an extended I-20 before your current I-20 expires. For information about transferring your SEVIS record to the new school, stop by the ISS Office.

  • Changing Schools

    You must register full-time at DSU, since DSU issued your I-20 and oversees your SEVIS record. If you decide to transfer to another school, contact ISS prior to completing your current semester at DSU. For information about transferring your SEVIS record to the new school, stop by the ISS Office.

  • Change of Educational Level

    If you will complete your current program of study and plan to continue at Dixie State University in another program (for example, change from the ESL program to Bachelors program), your I-20 must be updated.

  • Change of Major

    If you are accepted into a major or if you change your major (for example, History to Biology), you must request a new I-20.

  • Change of Funding

    If there is a substantial change in the source or amount of your funding, report this change to ISS and a new I-20 will be issued to you.

  • Name Change

    The name on your I-20 should match the name on your passport. If you change any part of your legal name—first/given name, middle name, or last/family name—on your passport, this change should be reflected on your I-20. Conversely, if you want a different name on your I-20, ISS will wait for you to change your passport first, before updating the I-20.