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Once you clear Customs and Immigration you can then proceed to your connecting flight. Before going on to your next flight you must check your baggage once again with the airline service. An agent or signs should be there to assist you. After checking your baggage, proceed to your connecting flight.

St. George Utah Municipal Airport (SGU)

If planning to arrive at SGU please make pick up arrangements (free service for new arrivals) with the DSU ISS office before departure. Upon arrival to SGU proceed to baggage claim area where DSU ISS representatives will be awaiting and transfer you to DSU and or your apartment.

McCarren International Airport Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)

Upon arrival into Las Vegas proceed to the baggage claim area to collect your baggage. Once you receive your baggage continue to "0" level where the shuttles will be located. To make shuttle arrangements on your own contact the following companies:

St George Shuttle
Tel: (435) 628–8320

Aztec Shuttle Services
Tel: (435) 656–9040

St George Express
Tel: (435) 652–1100

Needing assistance?

Pickup from SGU: free of charge!
Shuttle arrangements from Las Vegas: $30 USD (includes shuttle fee)
Personal pick-up and transfer from Las Vegas to Dixie State University: $150 USD